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The Go Book Wedding Album is the ideal wedding album thanks to the high quality features, versatility, and convenience combined with efficient lead-times. It offers lay flat continuous binding and two options for the cover front panel: matte laminated photographic paper.

Go Color Leatherette

  • VERTICAL SIZES: 20x30-25x35
  • SQUARE SIZES: 20x20-25x25-30x30
  • HORIZONTAL SIZES: 30x20-35x25
  • COVER: Front panel in matte laminated photographic paper. Spine and back available in 40


Options: Front panel in Go-Color (color can be different from the one chosen for the spine and back). You could also opt for a raised varnish option and have your names, dates & venue on the front of the Go-Book.

  • PRINT: Photographic printing on Luster paper (matte).
  • PAGES: Minimum 20, maximum 60 (pages=sides)
  • LINING: White or Black board.


40 Go-Colors to choose from, transparent or semi- transparent plexiglass lid with closure assured by 4 sets of magnets. Sateen ribbon available in 28 colors.

The book is also available without a box.

Go-Color is a high quality leatherette offered in 40 different colors.