At a wedding, your photographer plays a crucial role since they have to help you immortalize this beautiful day. If you’re looking for an amazing all-service photographer for your wedding, work with us and let us make your day truly special. Our skilled photographer know how to work with you in order to make you shine on the most important day of your life.


Wedding Photography by Gyula Lovaszi.



Having second thoughts about how we can work with you? Book an engagement shoot that will allow you to get know our photographer and get used to being in front of the camera. With more time on your hands, you can discuss your ideas and find out which poses are going to come out best in the pictures. Let us know what your plans are for the special day and we’d love to go over them with you in greater detail.



Wedding Photography by Gyula Lovaszi.




It is a special day, and therefore deserves to be displayed in a special book, like the Graphistudio Wedding Album. For this reason my Graphistudio Wedding Book upgrades, enhancements and extras are exceptionally well priced, to incentive you to invest and upgrade your wedding album option to personalize it and take advantage of Graphistudio's range of covers, cases, materials and presentation forms. I want you to be proud and phenomenally pleased with your wedding album that you will want to show off - it is after all an heirloom piece and the last memory of your wedding day.

Graphistudio Books are the best way of presenting your favorite wedding images. Graphistudio's patented binding system allows pages to open and lie flat - offering fantastic double page spreads. Their covers are simply the finest available. Wedding Books can be bound in printed silk, satin metal, die cut leathers and their finest nappa leather (plus a head spinning assortment of other materials and color options). With versatility in embellishments, colors and even the price, you can get a customized wedding book made when working with us. We take pride as being Ealing wedding photographers that provide the most cost effective and efficient services for any bride



(metallic paper upgrade form £30)

  • 25x35; 25x25; 35x25: 10 pages from £ 200. Every additional 10 pages cost £25
  • 30x40; 30x30; 40x30: 10 pages from £ 240. Every additional 10 pages cost £30
  • 35x45; 35x35; 45x35: 10 pages from £ 280. Every additional 10 pages cost £40
  • 40x50; 40x40: 10 pages from £ 300. Every additional 10 pages cost £40

Thick pages as standard -books may be extended to 100 thick photo bonded board pages. Gloss wrap-around printed hardback cover. Text (names and date) plus £8. Upgrade of Silk, Metal, Transparent and Leatherette available from £30, leather from £40. Parent copies (x2) 15x20; 15x15; 20x15: 10 pages £40.  Every additional 10 pages cost £10.

Wedding Book by Graphistudio




When you’re working with us, you can rest assured that we take care of every aspect. Confused about how to prepare for your special day? Take a look at our special services. Specifically crafted for brides who don't have their family around for wedding preparations or want a second opinion, we can eliminate all your problems with the help of our wedding preparation services. With a professional makeup artist, hair stylist a wardrobe stylist on board, you can make a stunning entrance for your wedding with our help.



Take the stress out of your wedding preparations with the help of our stylist. Whether you don’t have the time to shop or require a second opinion, we can help you out.

We strive quality, affordability and class. Regarding our styling service contact us below.


Get your hair and makeup done professionally by our makeup artists. We’ll make sure that you look stunning on your special day with ease.


Work With Us

Situated in London, Kensigton Wedding Photographers can be hard to find that fall within your budget but we’re extremely flexible to work with.

We can easily customize our wedding package in order to make it suitable for any bride on a budget.

We know that a bride has a lot to handle on her special day which is why we offer multi-purpose options that make our services perfect for your special day.

For more information regarding pricing, dates and services, please feel free to drop us a line by emailing us and let us know what you have in mind.